Being your Best You


I’ve done a bit of soul searching this year. Pondering my true purpose, questioning the way I do things and why I put up with things that just don’t sit right in my spirit. Asking myself why can I have a full life and at the same time feel empty. Questioning those tougher seasons that hit us like why did my brother get cancer and not me? and putting myself down with ‘have I really done enough through others grief’.

Imagine if we all lived by the motto of being the best version of yourself. What would it look like? Am I building myself into the person I want to become or am I just getting through day by day on auto pilot?

I love the idea of writing your own eulogy. A little exercise that only takes a few minutes and could possibly change the way you do things in your everyday to build into your future. Mine goes a little like this;

A devoted and supportive wife and mother who always put her families happiness first with the attitude of gratefulness

A woman of honour and integrity, always giving of her time and resources to others to help make the world a better place

An inspirational author who touched the lives of many all around the globe

She had such a love for her children and encouraged them to find their passions in life

There’s some pretty big statements in there! For me to begin to make these a reality for myself I have to think about small changes in my everyday and instead of questioning myself every other day, ask myself just one question; What would the best version of myself do in that situation?

I feel a big change coming this year and I’m excited at the new possibilities that are coming my way.

I encourage you to take the eulogy exercise and then look at the small things you can change to build the future for yourself that you wish to have. Remember you can do anything you set your mind to.




About Dee Beets

Dee grew up in the beautiful tourist town of Kiama NSW, with the beach on one side and rolling hills on the other. At the age of eleven, with her family, she moved across to the sunny state of Western Australia, where she later met her man and married him. Deanna is into her second year of Homeschooling her 2 primary aged children. Scary and rewarding at the same time, she is looking forward to going against the grain, doing life a little differently and finding joy in learning through nurturing. In her spare time she experiments with clean eats and recharges with gym workouts.