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We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.
Kurt Vonnegut

There was a time in my life where I felt the most awkward, totally un-coordinated and so unsure of my ability to be shine, to let go and to open up and unfurl the petals of self-doubt, that kept hidden inside me the colours of creativity that longed to explode from within…

The sad thing was that I actually had no inkling that those colours were even there.

I remember going to the school “socials” that is what we used to call them in Africa, maybe here they may be called Disco? I would be standing on the side of the dance floor watching all my friends enjoy the freedom of totally letting themselves go to the music, and they didn’t care whether they looked completely bonkers or not, they were totally having THE BEST TIME in the world! Eventually, they would coax me onto the floor and I would reluctantly, VERY reluctantly agree and then I would stand there shuffling awkwardly left and right feeling utterly out of place and looking at my best friend and whispering “does this look ok?”, oh, the feeling where you would love the earth to open up and swallow you whole, yes that is how I felt and I longed to be like them, to feel free, to be more fun and creative.

Then we moved to Australia when I was 17 and I was around new people, new experiences and new opportunities, and it was here that I realised that those colours of creativity, that spark that passion and that ability to let go and just be, are only discovered only when you decide to take a chance on perhaps something you thought you could never ever do…

Remember I was the girl with two left feet, who could not feel a rhythm in a song even if you paid me, and the girl who would begin to feel physically sick at the thought of trying to dance. Even with those feelings raging inside I was also the girl who desperately at her core wanted to be able to let go and to dance and to shine with the creativity and passion that came with experiencing it.

So left feet and all I made a friend who was a dancer who happened to dance at the dance group at our church. With this new friendship came a thought, a super ridiculous thought which went something like this “I would really like to join that group”, and guess what, I did! Lo and behold I actually started to love dance, and I began to actually get good at it and I began to let go, to shine and those creative colours just burst right out of me.

How did that happen?

It happened because I stepped into it, I took a leap into the unknown, I said I am willing to try and even look silly if I have to, but I rather look silly than lose the chance to be free and to find my colours…

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”
Kurt Vonnegut

Dance may not be your thing but there is something inside you that you long to try, to experience or to create.

We all have the ability to experience freedom, to shine and to find our own unique colours of creativity that hide within the deepest recesses of our heart, so what leap are you going to take to find your colours of creativity today?

“Creativity takes courage. ”
Henri Matisse

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About Desrae Melville

Desrae was born and raised in the beautiful Southern Part of Africa where she spent her childhood soaking up the sun in Zimbabwe, enjoying the extremes of the Kalahari dessert on the diamond mines of Botswana and relishing her boarding school years in the picturesque coastal town of Port Elizabeth South Africa. At 17yrs old Desrae’s family migrated to Australia and there began a new journey, a new life and a new beginning… Desrae met and married her sweetheart at Bible college, and now 8 years later they have been blessed with two beautiful boys aged 5 and 3 whom they have just begun home schooling. Living slowly, finding the joy in the everyday and creating a home where peace, kindness and laughter run rampant are a few of the many passions of her heart.

8 thoughts on “Colours of Creativity…

  • Priscilla Geldenhuys

    Desiree, thanks for sharing your beautiful story! You were not alone, we were all standing there having the same experiences! I am going to share this story with young girls longing to find their colours!

    • Desrae Johnson Post author

      Hello Priscilla, thank you for your message, I am so grateful that this message is going to be able to help young girls out there and I pray that they will see that how we are today does not mean that we can’t be something else tomorrow and that they will be encouraged greatly to find their colours, thanks again!

  • Elaine Fraser

    Great post, Desrae. I love the quote about jumping off cliffs and developing wings. I live a lot of my life like that. I say yes then work it out later!

    Thanks for sharing your story about joining the dance team. It’s a perfect example. Xx

    • Desrae Johnson Post author

      Hello Elaine, hahaha that is awesome that you live life like that, what a fulfilling and exciting life it is when we don’t think too much…Thank you for taking the time to read and to reply I really appreciate it. xxx

    • Desrae Johnson Post author

      Thank you my beautiful friend for all your help and encouragement, you are such a blessing in my life.

  • Jodie McCarthy

    Oh that ‘say yes first and figure it out later’ feeling. I know it well.

    But as you say it is only by trying that you discover your wings. I love this post.

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