Freedom. A Poem 3

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“It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on.”

My whole life I wanted to please you
to make you proud
I bent over backwards to hear your applause
those soothing affirmations
I wanted so much to make it all better
to take away the pain that tormented you in the night
I could fix it I would say to my own young mind

As I grew older, my curves beginning to show
You held on tighter and tighter
and I couldn’t let go
So I tried to do both
Hold on to you
and take the abuse
Try and try
But it was never any use

And as a tree grows stronger
in the bending of the wind
so I followed suit
Sessions in therapy you will never know about
Prayer and wise friends
I found a love
steady, strong
I found what safe looks like
I grew brave enough
to finally let you go.

I know you’ll be ok
and hopefully we’ll meet again
in another world
where there is no crying
or tears
or pain.

3 thoughts on “Freedom. A Poem

  • Leelee

    Very beautiful, heartfelt & raw. I’m sure many will relate to this poem Gemma. Xx

  • Michelle Livingstone

    Gamma this is touching and thought provoking.

    To grow we need to step out. As painful and frightening this May be. To stay would be to wither and die from the inside out. Growth can only come fro courage to heal and discover one’s identity. Of this world there will be pain and conflict; true peace and resolution with those toxic to us will come to pass in God’s kingdom.

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