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hope has wingsWhen my daughter was quite little she used to sing a song called Hope Has Wings.

It was an anthem of longing – and I would often smile at the irony of a four year old little girl singing about this notion of anticipating a new day, yearning for a better tomorrow, when the sun would shine and all would be well. How ironic, I would think, that a little girl could sing words about loss and longing, of hope deferred, hope regained, when her world was so very uncomplicated and innocent.

Not long after Jordan learned this song (courtesy of Barbie and her magical Pegasus!), tragedy struck our family. My 17 year old nephew passed away. And as his devastated mother described it, a light went out in our world.  And hope? Hope just dissipated entirely.  Gone, seemingly never to return again.

My little girl, now five, would sometimes sit with me in the quiet of our garden and talk about how much she missed her cousin, both of us trying to process the immensity of loss in our own way. So often in our conversations, we would talk about our hope and sure knowledge that one day we would see him again. We talked about hope in a time of hopelessness and it was like oxygen to my devastated soul. Often my beautiful little girl would remind me quietly “Hope has wings, Mummy.” And her honest, earnest belief in hope would stir my heart afresh.

What about you?

Has despair dealt you a cruel blow in recent days or years?  Has the light gone out in an area of life that once radiated with promise and opportunity? Has a relationship ended? Has a loved one passed away? Has life struck a heavy blow in the area of finance or career or health?

I wonder what hope looks like for you in the face of disappointment, loss or distress.

How do you build resolve and look forward in the times when all strength seems gone and life is simply overwhelming?

It takes baby steps doesn’t it? Sometimes it takes choosing to dance in puddles again, just because you can.  Choosing to smile at what you do have and celebrate what is still to come. Surrounding yourself with people that understand that life for you is ‘under reconstruction’ and that your experience of lost relationship or lost meaning or lost opportunity has resulted in a ‘new’ normal. Taking your lead from your heart, not just your head, and being kind to yourself on those days when it’s all too much.

I wonder, does hope transport you in times of doubt and discouragement to a place where the sun still shines bright and life is rich with both memories made and opportunities to come?

For our family hope looks different every day. New life and new surprises bring sunshine even after the rain.

My nephew’s sister got engaged last weekend.  We are thrilled for her and love watching her life blossom after a season of unspeakable loss. She is beaming, giddy in love and beautiful.  And none of us can stop smiling.

Morning has broken. And though we will always remember that which has gone before, our hearts are hopeful again in the light of a new day.

About Alyson Passauer

Aly Passauer is a lover of people, narrative, travel and making lists. She has lived in Perth, Chicago, Orange County and Sydney, where she and her husband Marcus have together been 'chief curators' of an eclectic, passionately-lived, lovingly spun-together life work that has so far enjoyed many peaks and the odd valley moment too. She has learned that the greatest stories are often the result of the epic and the insignificant, high noon and sunset - all mixed together to create the extraordinary experiences of everyday people who would never consider themselves 'heroic' but really, truly are. Mummy-of-two, author, friend, wife, homebody, daughter, book lover, and occasional gypsy-wanderer, Aly's life has taken many paths including corporate life, pastoral ministry, youth work, educational administration, writer and lecturer. A perennial student, she is currently studying Theology and hoping to finish her Masters' degree 'one day soon'. Aly is the youngest of five children which probably explains a lot. She honestly cannot cook to save her life but this doesn't stop her from trying out new recipes on old friends. Recently, Aly brought home a rescued cat which her husband has 'almost' totally forgiven her for. She now plans to get a dog.

8 thoughts on “Hope Has Wings

  • Kate H

    Thank you Aly. This article came at a time when I most needed it.
    It has reminded me afresh to appreciate what I do have in this life and to enjoy the small things again. Life has thrown some tough challenges my way recently and consequently I have been feeling so hopeless.
    Thank you so much for your inspiring words.

    • Aly

      Hi Kate,

      I am so honoured and delighted that this post has stirred your heart afresh with hope in a season of challenge. Thank you for taking the time to write. I pray that you would continue to find moments of quiet joy in the small things and that these moments would bring you strength and peace as you continue the journey towards hopefulness.

      Love Aly x

  • Esther Murray

    Such a beautiful piece Aly. Hope “was like oxygen to my devastated soul” – I’ve just been reading about that… and so lovely to hear of the hope of a life blossoming. Thank you.

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