Hope is not a rumor 2

hope is not crazy
Hope – such a simple but loaded word – four letters that summarise the reason we live – for without it life is meaningless and without purpose.

When hope can’t be seen or felt,  life is dark and the days are long. We become fearful…

We transfer life to each other and in turn hope to each other. We need community – we are created to be connected. We need people ahead, behind and beside us on our sometimes intrepid journeys.

I glean from my peers, those who have held to hope in other situations and survived. I lean into them and borrow their strength – the strength they have built clinging to driftwood in situations past. – and I fervently pray their hope rubs off onto me, that they stay a little ahead of me to lead me into the future.

There is a song by Edge Kingsland (great song by the way) that says, “Hope is not a rumor, heaven is not a mile away. It’s as close as the blood within my veins steady as Your stand-sure name”

We instinctively know it, always there inside us waiting to be uncovered- we are wired for a destination, for the future, for eternity.

What is your rumour of hope?

Is it to recover from disappointment or tragedy?

To have a sense of worth, achievement, contentment -( given our natural propensity these are all very valid)?

Maybe its for something grander?

When I look at what I hope for since losing my husband a few years ago,  it’s not for success or material things, it’s so much more now – its for peace, for the ability to make a difference and be the person out in front of somebody else where I will take my turn at the lead as we write our stories together.

The strength to endure comes from the hope before us. My life and your life cannot yield joy or love or boldness or endurance without hope.

Hope secretly feeds us…



About Annie Wilson

My hearts cry is to make a difference in this life. I know life is short. I desire to leave people happier than when I found them...I don't always achieve it. I’m passionate about people, being generous and being kind. I have three adult children one of whom is now married so I have a son - in law now too. I work as a serious injury consultant full time after recently finishing up eight years as a creative director. Two years ago I lost my husband suddenly and so reluctantly now I’m journeying life on my own without my best friend. Last year I co-authored a book on ‘Hope’ which endeavour’s to make sense of my journey of heartbreak to the beginnings of healing and learning to breathe again. I’ve travelled a lot, worked in many settings and had a faith in my Creator since I can remember - I love to write and paint, decorate and generally thrive when I’m feeling useful. What seizes our imagination changes everything. Coming out of a winter season in my soul after losing my husband I’m anticipating a warming of the air and a lengthening of the days. I, like you, am hopeful.

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  • Esther Murray

    Thank you for sharing your hope Annie. Your words are an inspiration to hope for more than what the world often tells us is so important. “…its for peace, for the ability to make a difference and be the person out in front of somebody else where I will take my turn at the lead as we write our stories together.”

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