I’m choosing relationship

relationshipsWhen you become an adult, things like cooking dinner for more than one can seem like a tedious chore sometimes. It’s not until there’s a smaller version of you tugging at your side pleading “please Mummy, can I help you get dinner out of the oven?” (insert gorgeous green eyes blinking at you, melting your heart) and of course the answer is “not until you’re older honey, it’s too hot.” Only to hear back “Can I help you get dinner out of the oven when I’m a Dad with a beard?” haha, I do have a comedian for a son!

Nothing is a chore to a child if you, the parent are happily doing it alongside them.

Does it create more work for me? Yes, sometimes it does, but sometimes it’s not about the ‘chore’ getting done, it’s about the ‘what happens during’ that’s important. The relationship forming, the learning involved, the environment you’re creating.

The environment in our house has had a significant shift in the last few months. My husband had to leave his current job unexpectedly, which turned out to be a blessing. He was working in a high stress office job. When applying for new positions we prayed and really sought God for what was best for our family. We decided to buy a franchise which will allow us more time with family.

The principle of priority states (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what’s important first” Steven Pressfield

My kids are only going to be kids for such a short span of my eternity. I not only want to teach them practically but I want to grow in relationship with them along the way and this requires my  t i m e.

I’m not going to suddenly arrive at ‘perfect parent station’ but I can start with a few things like;

Choosing to read with my kids at night rather than checking my facebook.

Letting them cut up the vegetables for dinner instead of getting frustrated at the mess, and how much extra time it’s taking AND now I have to eat extra chunky carrots!

Treat the annoyance of an early rising wake up call (announcement) with a warm, squishy hug.

I’m totally pointing the finger at myself here. So my personal conviction is to consciously make more of an active involvement in the little things in my children’s lives that will make our relationship richer.

It’s not about ‘having’ time. It’s about making time.

with love, you choose,


About Dee Beets

Dee grew up in the beautiful tourist town of Kiama NSW, with the beach on one side and rolling hills on the other. At the age of eleven, with her family, she moved across to the sunny state of Western Australia, where she later met her man and married him. Deanna is into her second year of Homeschooling her 2 primary aged children. Scary and rewarding at the same time, she is looking forward to going against the grain, doing life a little differently and finding joy in learning through nurturing. In her spare time she experiments with clean eats and recharges with gym workouts.