Love found in uncommon places

karina Welcome Karina to Kin women again. She is writing about Love found in uncommon places.

Her full name is Karina Chicote, she is in her late 20’s, she is married and currently doesn’t have any kids. She is a woman who believe passionately that we can make a difference on this earth.

I recently worked with a group of children who were incredibly disadvantaged, to say the least.

These children effortlessly taught me something about love. They taught me the gift of celebration.

It was a hot and humid evening, when all of the families in the local community gathered. It was a young girl’s birthday, and everyone had come together to celebrate. Staff had ordered a cake and children had bought gifts with the little money they had. All sorts of random objects were wrapped in their proud little hands.

Candles were lit and lights were turned off. A staff person signalled that the young girl was walking down, and all the children scurried in to the back room.

“1…2…3 SUPRISEEEE!” they yelled, as they ran out of the room to greet the little girl, everyone breaking in to song. The girl’s face lit up. For a moment, she was just like any ordinary little girl celebrating her 9th birthday. As Happy Birthday proceeded to be sung in every language they knew, this little girl walked around to every adult.

‘Thank you so much”, she said with a beaming smile, “Thank you so much”.

How much do we underestimate the gift of celebration?

Celebrate: To observe or commemorate with festivities; to make known publicly; to praise widely.

When was the last time you took the opportunity to celebrate someone you love?

Sent flowers to your sibling who just got their first job. Celebrate achievement. Went away for a weekend with your husband. Celebrate marriage. Taken your friend out, who is holding together a home, kids, job and contributing to others. Celebrate womanhood. Emailed your colleague to congratulate them on their promotion. Celebrate success. Sent your friend a card to tell her how great she is. Celebrate friendship.

A group of disadvantaged kids reminded me of the gift of celebration.

How can you celebrate someone today?


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