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So many of us spend our hours thinking about how we can be different,

Instead of reveling in the magnificence of who we are,

And of how we have been purposefully designed to catch the light in a particular way.

Being you is not the same as a record on repeat,

Spinning around the turntable in a predictable, monotonous kind of way.

Being you is like a new bloom,



And open to the sun and to new possibilities.

Who you really are is anticipated and eagerly awaited.

The fabric of who we are desires to belong, and so we often pretend to be the same as everyone else so that we fit.

But while blending might be easier,

I’ve found that being uniquely who you are created to be is the more rewarding and satisfying journey to embark on.

It’s not about being weird or having some mid life crisis where you do some crazy stuff,

It’s about truly discovering your God fit and who He has wanted you to be all along.


Every snowflake starts its journey off the same, as a tiny particle of ice.

But by the time it hits the earth it has been forged into something extraordinary.

In it’s tumbling and swirling,

Its falling and sometimes out of control spiraling to the ground,

It takes on an identity of its own and a veneer that has crystalised and is breathtaking.

When it reaches the ground,

Each snowflake is completely and utterly,


There’s a 1 in 1 million trillion chance of two snowflakes being exactly alike.

That’s a fact.

Likewise, the rawness of experience that we are infused with as we go throughout our own journeys,

The forces that we can’t argue with and that sometimes we can’t help,

The swirling and hurtling that often goes hand in hand with our lives,

All add together to make us who we are.

And who we are is valid and has a place in the world.

The expression that our Creator wanted to bathe the world in through your life,

Is needed.

Who does God want you to be?

We weren’t meant to be ‘the same’.

We were meant to fall in love with who we are in all our uniqueness.

Being unique requires bravery.

But as we step off the shores of sameness and onto the waters of colour and difference,

Of illumination and accepting that our identity is a 1 in a million trillion snowflake kind of identity,

Then we step into something special.

We step into a true destiny that was waiting for us all along.


About Cate Williams

We all have a story and until recently, Cate was happy to keep hers to herself. When she was 6, her singing teacher put her in the corner of the room. The reason, she was told, was that she wasn’t opening her mouth wide enough when she was singing. She was shy and because of that, she was shut up and so she shut down. The day stayed etched in her memory as a painful experience and one that influenced the person she was for years... Many years later, Cate now takes the stage, sometimes in front of thousands of people. Her voice and the songs she writes, have been heard around Australia and the world. Her reluctance to share her story has now been replaced by a realisation that many stories are the same. The isolation and shame that often drives us into feeling like we are alone in our story, is in fact her main motivation when it comes to writing, whether its in music or as a blogger. Many of us struggle with the same issues of trying to make sense of this crazy world and of trying to overcome the voices that tell us we can’t and we won’t. Cate's words resound with hope and love, and her message is one that says you’re not alone and that you can. It calls the ugly beautiful and it brings the hopeless into something redemptive. Cate is a mum, wife, singer, song writer, pastor, teacher and blogger and you can read more about her here. http://www.catewilliams.com.au

3 thoughts on “on being you

  • Lucy

    Thank you Cate. He certainly has made each one of us unique and He wants to help us be allllll He created us for. We sure all do have our ups and downs but He certainly came to give life and give it to the full which sometimes mean suffering but even that can be used to mould us and shape us and strengthen us …. everything to better us. Oh what an exciting journey :0)

  • Shiko Karuuki

    Love it! Love what you guys do! Am inspired to write. Any suggestions how I could get you to see my work?

    • Amanda

      Hi Shiko,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Best way is to email us some of your work at info@kinwomen.com and a bio of your writing and your connections. We have a lot of writers at the moment, but I’d love to read some of your work.


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