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Last year felt like a bit of a ‘gap year’ as such for me. Nothing was quite stable; settling into a new house, I finished up a couple of casual jobs, I started another couple, we had news of cancer in the family, I just felt like I didn’t quite have a firm grip on anything I put myself towards.

One thing we did decide on was starting the journey of Homeschooling our two primary aged children. Yay! The time has finally come to start, and at the same time I think What the??? Can I really do this? I have some really great resources to start me off and importantly great family support. I know this is the right fit for our family.

I don’t doubt this year will be a time of stretching, definitely character building and a rediscovering of my potential. I’m a big believer in God’s grace and knowing that God never gives you more than you can handle. He’ll give you the right amount of grace for your situation.

I haven’t got the full year all mapped out as such. It’s going to be a year of rediscovering real life. The plan is to cover the basics of the school year in the morning hours, leaving loads of time to nurture those individual interests, hobbies, talents and gifts. I’m looking forward to a change from our usual crazy morning routine, getting the kids out the door on time only to spend most of their day at a desk inside 4 walls, forced to learn the same thing at the same pace as 30 other kids with 1 supervising adult who doesn’t have the love that you do for your own child.

I believe children learn best through experiences and daily life with their family. I believe in interaction between kids and people of all ages, not just those within a year of their chronological age.

I understand Homeschooling is not for everyone and I absolutely honour and respect the choices all parents make for their own children. Definitely no judgement here.

Something I didn’t have growing up was confidence in myself. To look back at my own school years all I think of is that big 4 letter word flashing in my face. F A I L.

Kids who homeschool have been proven to be more confident, self assured and comfortable in their own skin. I want my kids to experience a different school life to what I had. To be far less influenced by peer pressure, to have a firmer grip on their purpose in life and the initiative to pursue their goals.

So 2016, here’s to you, reinventing ‘school’ as i know it, rediscovering life and learning through experiences!

Happy January,

Deanna x



About Dee Beets

Dee grew up in the beautiful tourist town of Kiama NSW, with the beach on one side and rolling hills on the other. At the age of eleven, with her family, she moved across to the sunny state of Western Australia, where she later met her man and married him. Deanna is into her second year of Homeschooling her 2 primary aged children. Scary and rewarding at the same time, she is looking forward to going against the grain, doing life a little differently and finding joy in learning through nurturing. In her spare time she experiments with clean eats and recharges with gym workouts.

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