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“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”
Guillaume Apollinaire

So often when I was young I would hear the phrase “ignorance is bliss…”, I often wondered what it meant and then just as quickly I would get back to the whimsy of being a kid. Being a Child, how amazing were those days? Those days when time went slowly, freedom was a given and imagination and wonder ran rampant.

Then I grew up. It was at the point of adulthood when I completely understood what “Ignorance is bliss” meant.

The more Knowledge I acquired the more I had to think about, the more I had to try to figure out, and the more time and energy I had to expend trying to work out all the information I had received.

We know more about so many things now because getting information is always at out fingertips.

For example, we know so much more about food now. We know how it is processed differently, we know how many ingredients are in it, even what the numbers mean on the ingredient list and what problems they cause in our bodies.

We also live in a generation of devices. We are bombarded with new ideas and drawn in by what we should want, what we should wear, how we should act and how we should be through comparing on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, snap chat and more.

Not only that but because of the information generation we live in we are then plagued with the sad and often traumatic news that bombards us from the TV, the radio and other people.

All of these conveniences are so useful, and on the other hand they also help time to feel like it is speeding up rapidly,  they steal our freedom and they even start to eat away at our imagination and wonder.

I live this daily, and I know in order to refresh and to live present I need to take stock of reality, and I need to find a way to bring me back to stillness and to press the pause button on life.


I have found a way to slow things down a bit and I do that by taking a fast. What that means is that I fast from something that causes me stress.

For example, in the month of January, I fasted from all social media. At the start of the month I felt almost like a drug addict would, I was twitchy and didn’t know what to do with myself, but as the time drew on I started to feel more present, I started to feel more peaceful and I started to really enjoy my life.

I know life gets crazy but even though life is busy, fleeting and quite stressful at times, we can choose to purposefully take the time to pause, to recalibrate and to be still.
Just taking a fast from an intrusive part of the every day can help us to get into the stillness. It can be a time where we can slow right down and find quietness for our souls, and give ourselves a break from the speediness and the constant thoughts of life.

So I would like to challenge you to give some thought to what you can fast from next month, something that will give your souls some time to pause, to rest and to come back to peace.


About Desrae Melville

Desrae was born and raised in the beautiful Southern Part of Africa where she spent her childhood soaking up the sun in Zimbabwe, enjoying the extremes of the Kalahari dessert on the diamond mines of Botswana and relishing her boarding school years in the picturesque coastal town of Port Elizabeth South Africa. At 17yrs old Desrae’s family migrated to Australia and there began a new journey, a new life and a new beginning… Desrae met and married her sweetheart at Bible college, and now 8 years later they have been blessed with two beautiful boys aged 5 and 3 whom they have just begun home schooling. Living slowly, finding the joy in the everyday and creating a home where peace, kindness and laughter run rampant are a few of the many passions of her heart.

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  • Elaine Fraser

    Great post, Desrae. I love the idea of taking a fast from things that stress you out. I can totally relate to that. You are right about sometimes having too much information as well.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love the quote too! xx

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