the quiet call of wisdom

wisdomFinding wisdom is not something that is promoted as being desirable in our culture.

As women, we are subliminally bombarded by many other competing messages that try to form our character.

We must be productive (i.e busy, not be idle, work hard), acceptable (i.e quiet, helpful or not too much), we must be attractive (eg. skinny, healthy, well dressed, well groomed), we must be intelligent… the list goes on.

The ongoing messages that bombard us I continually find overwhelming and relentless. The more I plug into to our over opinionated culture, the more intense these feelings of never being enough tide.

Today however, I sit here in my local library, smelling the age of the words that surround me and unplugged from my phone different messages and memories surface.


The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight.

As I quiet my soul, read and reflect on the words from people who have gone before me I am gently inspired.

Seek out wisdom dear friend,

Seek out purpose beyond busyness,

Seek out rest and let it replace worry at the centre of your soul.

Seek out fulfillment rather than your place in this world,

Seek out joy in the simple and unadorned things.

Seek out that which is beyond your understanding and live a life of growth.

Wisdom does not shout and stand on top of tables, seeking your attention.

It sits in the corner of the room, in a wing back chair, like an old book sitting in a library awaiting discovery,

Wisdom sits and waits quietly in antique places, in hallways, in late night conversations, libraries, coffee shops and on street corners.

Wisdom is comfortable in waiting to be discovered.

Wisdom awaits us to be stilled and reminded of the way to turn, the places to leave behind and the promise of a better tomorrow.

This is the quiet call of wisdom.

About Amanda

Amanda Viviers is an Author, Speaker, Creative Ninja, Novice wife and Mum. The author of four books and she can be found most days at her shack close to the beach writing her fifth. She is a presenter on radio across New Zealand and Australia and is the co-founder of Kinwomen; a network that advocates for women globally. From a corporate leadership setting, she unexpectedly found herself at 36 married and a new Mum. From this season of change, her innovative communication style is full of stories about flexibility, strength, self-care and re-establishing your identity in the changing seasons of life. She lives a creative life, helping women find their voice and her greatest joy is to help people live inspired.