OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m not sure whether it is that I was single for so long in my twenties and thirties or if being home more and living a simpler life has changed me, but I just find Valentines day so overrated.

It really concerns me when I see people buying overpriced, under quality flowers on their credit cards that are already maxed, when truly what we need is time.

Time to notice one another, time to reflect, taking time back to love one another with intention and purpose.

My Radio message for this month, is all about love in our everyday.

I want to be a better lover, when I am tired and cranky, when I am isolated and lonely. I want to show and give love not only to my family, but my friends and my neighbours.

Love is not cheap.

It is also not bought online with a ribbon tied around it.

Love is costly and timely and it is hard work.

A quick buy from the shops on the way home from work is not going to gird your friendships and relationships in love. Time and intention, noticing and listening, patience and kindness will.

Now these are the things I will be challenging myself with this Thursday, the 14th.

Chocolates, flowers and consumerism; Overrated.

Some might say today is Valentines day, but for me its thursday.

Speak soon


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Amanda Viviers Is an Author, Speaker, Creative Consultant and Novice Mum. Author of three books and she can be found most days at her shack close to the beach writing her fourth. She writes daily at and has worked in professional musical theatre. She worked on staff at Riverview for 12 years, mostly in the field of Creative Arts. Finalist in the Telstra Young Business Woman of the year and Community Services Award. She has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Literature and studied Musical Theatre at WAPPA. She is a presenter on radio across New Zealand and Australia and is the co-founder of kinwomen; a network created especially for women. Recent Winner of ‘2013 CMA Best Digital Media Project Award’ for her blog Capture life. She is passionate about social justice and in the past has loved supporting children in the slums of Thailand and Indonesia. Wife of Charl and Mum of Maximus and Liberty. She lives a creative life, longing to see people lived inspired.