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It’s often humility that allows us to see others and even ourselves as we really are –When it comes to forgiveness we know what we must do to come to know the grace of God and the grace of others.

Each time we forgive it is an act of generosity. A decision to begin again in a different place.

Are you generous in forgiveness?

Forgiveness is both a large and enlarging gift.

Forgiveness is to love as God loves.

Forgiveness breathes life and hope.

Forgiveness restores.

Forgiveness means we come face to what we have done.

It does not leave us as we are. It changes us.

We have the power and grace to forgive through the gift of His Spirit. He sends peace. We no longer have to live an independent existence.

Our Father waits for our return and reaches out to us at every opportunity…

He invites you to return to His embrace through forgiveness.

About Annie Wilson

My hearts cry is to make a difference in this life. I know life is short. I desire to leave people happier than when I found them...I don't always achieve it. I’m passionate about people, being generous and being kind. I have three adult children one of whom is now married so I have a son - in law now too. I work as a serious injury consultant full time after recently finishing up eight years as a creative director. Two years ago I lost my husband suddenly and so reluctantly now I’m journeying life on my own without my best friend. Last year I co-authored a book on ‘Hope’ which endeavour’s to make sense of my journey of heartbreak to the beginnings of healing and learning to breathe again. I’ve travelled a lot, worked in many settings and had a faith in my Creator since I can remember - I love to write and paint, decorate and generally thrive when I’m feeling useful. What seizes our imagination changes everything. Coming out of a winter season in my soul after losing my husband I’m anticipating a warming of the air and a lengthening of the days. I, like you, am hopeful.

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