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What does it mean to innovate?

How about a brainstorm…

To create. To Improve. New. Fresh. Alive. Outside of the box. Different. Useful. Resourceful. Not wasteful. Fascinating. Interesting. Exciting. Inventive. Creative. To rise above. To soar.

How does one go about being innovative?

Is innovation something I can be doing on a daily basis? Can I be creative, inventive and innovative in the everyday?

As I change nappies, wash dishes, bathe the children, vacuum the floors, walk the kids to school, do the shopping…can I be innovative?

Is it possible to make innovation a way of thinking? A lifestyle choice? Is there a way to think outside the box so that I can stay fresh and alive, resourceful and fascinating?

In order for innovation to flourish, I wonder if first we need a conducive environment. Perhaps we need to create cultures in which we:

  1. Feel safe – find people with whom we can be ourselves without fear of ridicule
  2. Open dialogue and genuine listening – to express and explore our ideas
  3. Courage to have a go – embracing setbacks, failures and knockbacks
  4. To be willing to break the rules of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ – to be authentic
  5. The energy to think clearly – adequate rest and relaxation
  6. Space to imagine and experiment – less noise, chatter, and endless activity.
  7. Intentional and considered choices – how am I spending my time?
  8. Practice gratefulness and thankfulness – perspective in the everyday demands.
  9. To embrace big dreams and endless possibilities – just because you can.
  10. Be mindful – grab hold of and enjoy the moment – never be too old to play.

Brené Brown, in her book The Gifts of Imperfection, writes about people who ‘Dig deep’ in order to live ‘wholeheartedly’. I really like the following acrostic as an easy reminder to be thinking innovatively – particularly when I feel stuck or weighed down:

Deliberate in their thoughts and behaviours through prayer, meditation, or simply setting their intentions;

Inspired to make new and different choices;

Going. They take action.


I want to innovate.

I want to be courageous. I want to be free to be me. I want to soar.

I want to be someone who creates, improves, invents, thinks outside the box, is different, fascinating, interesting, exciting, interested, creative, transforming, resourceful, new, fresh, alive.

In reality, I think that some days I will Soar

…and some days I will just Survive.

And that’s okay.

Esther x






About Esther Murray

Esther is a reader and a thinker and has always loved to write as a way of steering the intensity of thought into the invigorating energy of words. She enjoys exploring her quiet creative side, but also thrives on an animated and passionate conversation. Esther spent her childhood ‘overseas’ and can’t help but be shaped by this depth of experience. She has a Bachelor of Social Work and has a heart for the marginalised. She has a deep desire to see relationships flourish, people encouraged and the spiritual embraced. Esther lives in Perth, Western Australia and is married to Clive. Together they are investing their love and energy into raising their three young daughters.

3 thoughts on “To Soar…

  • Jodie McCarthy

    I love this Esther, somedays we soar and somedays we survive. But instead of settling for just surviving, digging deeper to find ways to soar.

    I love your points too, such practical application. xx

  • Esther Murray Post author

    Thanks for your comments Jodie and Elaine. It was an interesting piece for me to write – I found myself greatly challenged as I thought it through – now it’s just putting it into practice! 🙂 xx

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