What do you do with lost opportunities? 1


There are many opportunities to be had in a day.

Like being able to pull the sheets over your head on a Good Friday because there is nowhere to go.

Like planting one last kiss on your daughter’s soft, cool cheek before she goes to school.

Like putting your feet up after a house full of guests with a warm cup of tea…

The more you look for them, the more you find them.

Like right now as I write this post.

I open the window to let the refreshing breeze of the morning in as the dappled sun floods my office.

I could have kept the blinds shut, but why would I?

Opportunities are everywhere,

And the more you look for them,

The more you find them.

Like colourful exotic creatures hiding under the craggy ledges of rock pools,

You just have to search a little before you find a whole other world you never knew existed.

Finding opportunities is like being able to take a deep breath after not having been able to breathe.

The breath comes fresh and dewy,

Filling stale cavities with new vigor and life.

Finding opportunities is like soaring in a sunset streaked sky,

Golden hues of red and pink and orange all around.

Your senses are suddenly enlivened with possibility,

And you are enamoured once again with life.

But when the opportunities are not the small ones under rock ledges,

And when those moments are missed,

Well, that’s another story.

The last thing you need when you feel like you’ve missed the big ones,

Is someone telling you that they will come again.

Like rare diamonds,

Sometimes they won’t.

The truth is,

Some opportunities if missed are gone forever.

And that my friend is a bitter fact to swallow.

You know that you should have, would have done it differently.

If only you’d had another chance,

You wouldn’t have said it like that,

You would have lived it out differently…


The older you get,

The more rooms are filled in the house of your soul with lost opportunities,

Moments not seized,

Feelings that you missed it.

Pear shaped events,

An awareness that life has touched someone else with its golden wand,

Not you.

In those rooms you can forget truth,

All you feel is the cold embrace of loss and regret as it washes over you.

There’s no way out of these rooms.

Bravery is not on the agenda.

Self confidence is shot.

Squatting on the ground of defeat and staying there is more the order of the day.

The voice of self criticism prevails,

The echo off the walls again and again of regret and self judgement.

But you can’t stay there.

Those rooms weren’t meant to be dwelt in for long periods of time.

They were meant to be experienced and then exited and the door shut behind you.

The truth is,

We have all carried the weight of lost opportunities,

But we have a choice.

We can choose to look ahead and think of all the opportunities we will have in the future,

Not those lost in the recesses of the past,

Like the ash fallout from a fire.

It’s a good thing I believe in redemption and restoration,

Especially on this Good Friday as I know that loss and regret,

The ashes that I speak of,

The disappointment with decisions gone,

And yes, lost opportunities,

Can all be used for a purpose.

Ashes don’t stay ashes forever.

Ash goes into the ground and makes the soil fertile,

So that new little seedlings and sprouts,

The vibrant green of new opportunity can grow up.

You have to put your faith in that.

You have to know that nothing’s wasted,

Even lost opportunities can give birth to new a second time round.

The thing about dwelling on lost opportunities is that it can lock you up there.

It pushes out every competing voice so that you can’t hear the new ones.

So don’t stay there.

Today is the starting line.

Today is the beginning of finding and seeking opportunities that are waiting for you on the horizon of your future.

Your life is the breeding ground for a continual outpouring of new opportunities.

It’s in the disciplined daily choosing to see yourself as a woman with unlimited potential that those seeds are given the chance to germinate and mature.

And remember,

Just because things didn’t work out the way you imagined they would,

Doesn’t mean another door won’t open.

Expect the unexpected in your life.

Swing wide the door of faith and optimism,

Choosing instead to see that your life is a beautiful garden,

A work in progress,

A journey that you get to take,

A culmination of highs and lows,

Life and loss.

When opportunity knocks again,

Be ready for it.

Let go of old regrets and look with keen eyes for what may come your way today.

Bless you girls.

Cate x

About Cate Williams

We all have a story and until recently, Cate was happy to keep hers to herself. When she was 6, her singing teacher put her in the corner of the room. The reason, she was told, was that she wasn’t opening her mouth wide enough when she was singing. She was shy and because of that, she was shut up and so she shut down. The day stayed etched in her memory as a painful experience and one that influenced the person she was for years... Many years later, Cate now takes the stage, sometimes in front of thousands of people. Her voice and the songs she writes, have been heard around Australia and the world. Her reluctance to share her story has now been replaced by a realisation that many stories are the same. The isolation and shame that often drives us into feeling like we are alone in our story, is in fact her main motivation when it comes to writing, whether its in music or as a blogger. Many of us struggle with the same issues of trying to make sense of this crazy world and of trying to overcome the voices that tell us we can’t and we won’t. Cate's words resound with hope and love, and her message is one that says you’re not alone and that you can. It calls the ugly beautiful and it brings the hopeless into something redemptive. Cate is a mum, wife, singer, song writer, pastor, teacher and blogger and you can read more about her here. http://www.catewilliams.com.au

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  • Elaine Fraser

    Great post, Cate. Love this: ‘Just because things didn’t work out the way you imagined they would,

    Doesn’t mean another door won’t open.

    Expect the unexpected in your life.’

    Your wisdom is refreshing to the soul! xxx

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